Pookie the Clown

It's only a Party if you Party with Pookie!


Rates and Services

  1. What are your prices?

    Please see my rates and services page for prices and packages!

    If you are having a large event, please contact me for a quote.  Prices vary on location, number of children, how many hours, etc.

  2. Do you offer Discounts or Special Rates?

    Yes, for multi-hour events and parties lasting 3 hours or more.  My rates on my birthday party packages are non-negotiable as they are already competitive with other entertainers in the area.  I put a lot of time and money into my performance... buying supplies, marketing, taking classes, (lots of "behind the scenes work!")  I have performed at hundreds of parties and events and can assure you my quality of work will impress your guests and make the kids happy!

  3. Does the rabbit for the magic show cost extra?

    No, as long as you have booked a magic show for your party, she is included!  Please keep in mind that if you have an outdoor party, I will not be able to bring her if it is too cold or too hot outside. I can bring her if she can be kept indoors somewhere close by and just be used outdoors for the magic portion of the party. 


  4. Do you have to dress in clown?

    No, not really.  I do the majority of the time, but if you have a toddler who may be sensitive around "strangers," or have a child that may be "too old" for a clown OR if you are having an event and need me to dress professionally I can dress accordingly.

     I have had many parents tell me that their child used to be afraid of clowns, but they like me because I don't wear as much clown makeup as other clowns.  Even adults will say that they are afraid of clowns, but they are ok with my look!  I can either tone down the clown look and still wear the wig, or NOT wear the clown makeup and wig and just dress a little more colorful, OR I can wear a nice polo and slacks.   We can discuss this when booking.


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Booking a party

  1. How do I pay you?

    In order to book an event, I do require that 25% of the total be paid upfront.  This can either be paid my credit card over the phone, through PayPal, or a check or money order through the mail.  The remaining balance is due on the day of the party or event, promptly after my services are over.

    For corporate events, I can supply an invoice for payment.

    (Please note, returned checks will incur a $35 fee)

  2. Should I hire a second entertainer?

    Having an additional entertainer is always a great idea, especially if you are having a large party or event.  A second helping hand can help ensure your party runs more smoothly and that all the guests can get their face painted and balloon without being rushed.  When booking, I'll ask how many guests you are expecting, what services you are interested in, and I can tell you whether I think a second entertainer would be needed.  

  3. Can you do indoor AND outdoor parties?

    Yes, I can!  But please consider a backup plan for inclement weather and extreme temperatures.  Balloons and face paint work best indoors or on a not too hot or not too cold day.  In extreme heat, balloons tend to pop very easily, even as I am making them.  It does not work well with face painting either.  It is very difficult to paint on kids who have been sweating.  I do my best to clean them off, but the face paint tends to sweat and smear right off.  I usually do not have the time to constantly re-make popped balloons and re-paint smeared off painted faces...which can make for unhappy guests. 

    Please note, I do charge an additional $25 per hour for outdoor events during hot months.  Shade is also required for any outdoor events.  

  4. How far do you travel?

    I do charge an additional travel fee for parties or events that are over 20 miles from my home. I also require a minimum booking time of 1 hour and 30 minutes for parties over 20 miles away.  For parties over 20 miles away, I charge $1 per mile.  (For example: 45 miles away would be charged a $20 travel fee.)  If it's over an hour away, I will have to also charge for my time, or I may recommend another entertainer.

  5. How far in advance do I need to book you?

    Generally I would say 3-5 weeks in advance.  There have been times where clients have booked me months in advance, or even a week in advance!   So there is no set rule on this, the earlier the better, to make sure no one else books ahead of you!

  6. What time should I have you come to my party?

    Typically I would say about 30 minutes after your party starts.  This allows time for guests to arrive.  I will arrive a few minutes early to set up my supplies.

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  1. Do you do volunteer/charity work?

    Yes I do.  I have to limit myself to a certain number of events per year because clowning is my primary income.  If you really want me at your event and I am unable to do it as a volunteer basis, you have the option of finding a sponsor who can pay my rate.  Many events have had success in finding a person or company to sponsor me!

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Balloon and Face Painting questions

  1. What kinds of paints do you use?

    I use professional quality face paints and brushes.  They are FDA approved for the skin and are hypoallergenic.  They can easily be washed off with soap and water.  Some paint colors can be a little more difficult to remove, but it's nothing that a bath can't take care of!

    I keep my paints and brushes as clean as possible.  I use baby wipes to clean each child's face and I use a special brush bath to clean and sanitize my brushes between each person I paint.  I will not paint on broken skin or on anyone who is visibly ill.

  2. Do you face paint and/or do balloons for teens and adults?

    Teens and adults LOVE to get their face painted and to get balloons!  Please consider this when booking a party.  I will only attend to them only if time allows.  I always tell them to please let me get to the kids first, and then if time allows I will do anyone else who wants it.

    By the way, I have done parties JUST for teens because teens love it just as much as the little ones!


  3. Do you face paint and/or make balloons for babies and toddlers?

    Face painting and balloons are best recommended for children ages 3 and up.  Although I do many 1st birthday parties!!

    Face painting:  Many parents want their babies to be face painted, even if the baby doesn't want it.  I am happy to do something small as long as the child is able to sit fairly still and doesn't complain too much about it.  Face painting should be fun, I will not face paint on an unwilling child who is crying and having to be restrained.

    Balloons:  Balloons can be a choking hazard and adult supervision is required at all times around children. If a parent asks for a balloon for their baby or toddler, I will give the balloon to the parent and advise them to please not allow their child to put it in their mouth.  


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  1. What if I have to cancel or postpone my party?

    Deposits are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.  If you need to postpone your party, I will apply your deposit to a future party date if it is booked within 30 days of the original date.  


  2. What if you can't come to my party due to an emergency or sickness?

    Good question!  Fortunately for you I have a pretty great immune system and it is very rare that I would ever expect this to happen.  But, since I am human, things can happen.  If I am really unable to attend your event after you have booked me, I will give you notification as soon as humanly possible.  I have been clowning for over 5 years now and in that time I have met a lot of great entertainers.  I will gladly try to help find you a replacement and I will refund your deposit.  (But let's not even think about that happening!) 

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Day of the Event

  1. What if more kids show up than expected?

    It is sometimes very hard to predict how many kids will show.  It is best to tell me when booking how many you have invited so that I can be prepared in case your whole guest list shows up!  It may be necessary to either cut out an activity, or to add more time to the party (as long as I don't have another event that I have to go to)  

  2. Do you accept tips?

    Tips are never expected, but always appreciated for a job well done!

  3. Do I need to provide anything for you?

    You provide the kids, I provide the entertainment!  I bring all the supplies, including a table and chairs.  If you already have a table and chairs set up, that's great too (Less set up time for me!)  I just ask for a shady area on hot, sunny days.

    Oh, and maybe an adult to help tell the kids it's time for Pookie to go feed the elephants for those kids who want me to stay all day! 

  4. Will my party be awesome?

    If I am there, why wouldn't it be?!!  Because....

    "It's only a Party if you Party with Pookie!"

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